Lucy Senstad

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Lucy Senstad

Lucy Senstad’s creative interests and successful enterprises are diverse: raku pottery, executive chef, music manager. At the Grand Hand Gallery, we are the beneficiaries of her quilting mastery. Lucy’s wall art and table runners, textile collages of complementary composition and pattern, take form through landscapes, figures and contemporary quilting techniques. Her regard as a color specialist brings together the “scraps” from her quilting projects into truly original fiber art.

Her wall-ready “postcards” are inspired by real and imaginary places, while her dual-sided table runners offer a combination of subdued, calm patterns on one side, with often vibrant, energetic collages on the other. Lucy likes to incorporate mixed media into her work as well, adding shells as earrings or a gelatin print layer.

In her free time, she owns and operates Aunt Annie’s Quilts and Silks in Avon, MN.

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