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Jack Becker

Jack Becker was a Twin Cities writer, painter, sculptor, administrator and event designer with 40 years of experience working in the arts. His atmospheric acrylic landscapes and other-worldly bronze angels demonstrate the diversity of Jack’s gifts.

Of his recent paintings, Jack said: “Having outlived my Realist Period, my Portrait Period, my Minimalist Period, my Abstract Expressionist Period and whatever other period most artists my age have experienced, I am happy to say that currently I’m painting these small Expressionist style landscapes – and have been for the past several years. They are a reflection of places I’ve visited or places I’ve lived close to – or places I wish to visit – or places I wish to live close to. It’s all relative, really. I like their fresh and abstract quality.”

The Minneapolis artist earned a BA in studio art from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire and did graduate work in art history at Washington University in Washington, DC. He was the program director at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts in Wayzata, MN and published A Few Last Words: Your Guide to the Art of Self Memorializing.

Jack passed away in December 2010.

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