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Brian Parks, who lived in China for several years, often pondered the environmental impact of the single use chopsticks. He came up with a plan to collect the bamboo utensils, post-use, from restaurants, thoroughly clean them, sanitize them at extremely high temperature and pressure, and use them to make high-quality accents for the home.

Brian’s Chopstick Art craft line, crafted in Eugene, OR, offers a broad range of recycled bamboo accessories pairing eastern aesthetics with western conservationism that compliments any environment. The unique, easy to store folding baskets are strong, and offer air circulation to keep fruits and veggies fresh. The large size functions as a colander. Several designs are offered with a natural tea stain, for a darker look.

“The future of single use chopsticks and the impact to the world’s forests are unknown,” says Brian. “We genuinely hope that one day we will no longer be able to make our recycled products as a result of heightened preservation efforts. However, until then, we hope you will enjoy our exquisitely designed accents of enduring quality and ecological significance.”

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