Paul Klein

Paul Klein

Sculptor Paul Klein finds inspiration in century-old buildings, forests, shorelines and even his own backyard. The artist, who maintains a studio at his home in Amherst Junction, WI, believes that viable materials, or “local exotics,” can be found everywhere. Stressing the environmental ethics of appreciation for one’s surroundings, Paul explains, “I’m constantly amazed at nature’s treasures. We don’t need to look far, just more closely.” The names he assigns to his one-of-a-kind pieces reflect this process: his works include “Eddy’s Place”, “North Shore,” and “Sandy’s Tree.”

Wood, even from such underused sources as sumac and lilac, has always been a favorite medium for the artist. He combines it with stone, copper, and the handmade kozo papers he makes with his wife, Beth Jansson, to create works of art ranging from table and floor lamps to mirrors and candleholders. Paul states, “The spontaneity of finding objects in nature and incorporating them into an intricate piece is a freedom I enjoy and portray in each piece of art. My work is an extension of a quest for harmony with the Earth.”

In recent years, Paul’s work was named Best of Show at the Market Square Fine Arts Fair in Sturgeon Bay, WI and Best of 3-D Mixed Media at Art Fair Off the Square in Madison. The artist was presented with an Award of Excellence from the Wisconsin Designer Craft Council.

Making paper shadesNEBULA - Cherry burl,Limestone,Granite,Patinaed copper,My handmade paperBUTTERNUT CALLA - detail

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