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Christy Klug

“My work is an exploration of the power and tension of line.

My artistic journey began with an early interest in stained glass design, which I studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I was drawn to the work of the stained glass artists of post-World War II Germany, who revolutionized the medium by elevating the structural function of the lead lines into an artistic element.

I am passionate about jewelry design because of the intimate scale and personal qualities it marries together with art. I love the challenge of creating compelling objects that embody a sophistication and sensuality when worn by women who resonate with their aesthetic.

I began envisioning and designing my jewelry lines long before I had the metalsmithing expertise to actualize them. I was driven to perfect my skills, seek out the best in bench teaching and dive deeper into new materials to produce dramatic pieces of art.

Today, I’m proudly a self-taught designer who is always stretching the boundaries of traditional techniques to create intelligent, powerful and thought provoking pieces. I continue to be inspired by all that is around me as well as artists whose lines and gestures I find compelling and whose art informs my work: Gerhard Richter, Jean Arp, Johannes Schreiter, Cy Twombly, Brice Marden, Hans Hartung, Sol LeWitt, Ludwig Schaffrath.

I design for the confident woman who seeks out and selects jewelry to highlight her own sense of style and drama. This is the power of jewelry because when it is worn well and with purpose it truly becomes the individual’s very personal statement. More than an accessory, each piece embodies thoughtfully hand crafted timelessness.”

– Christy Klug

Christy is known for pierced sterling silver pieces that explore positive and negative space and for incorporating gestural black and white elements into her enamel work. She maintains a studio in Austin, TX.


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