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Teresa Widuch

Teresa Maria Widuch chooses wool felt and ultrasuede to make one-of-a-kind wearable pieces with surprising lines and irresistible color combinations. The designer and driving force of Yantar, her small family business in Evanston, IL, Teresa relies on core patterns in her work, but cuts and combines each garment individually.

“I make clothes because it’s simply fun and exciting. That keeps me working,” states Teresa. “My goals haven’t changed: to make simple but elegant designs, to achieve a modern look with timeless style, and to approach every piece with a fresh eye. My greatest pleasure comes from making each piece unique in some way, and I think that this is only possible because I am a process-based designer. I may start with one idea in mind, or even several, but as I cut and pin and try parts on, I find myself constantly learning new things about how fabric can come together. And then, sometimes but not always, I put those unfinished pieces together and think, ‘This! This looks great!,’ even though I had something different in mind a few minutes earlier. I have tried making duplicates or repeating past successes, but not only do they lack the charm and wit of the original, but they lack that process of discovery that is crucial to my work. Most importantly, it’s not fun.”

The Yantar line is regularly featured at American Craft Council shows, the Smithsonian Craft Show, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the One of a Kind Show, Chicago.


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