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“My passion is to create; preferably something that does not already exist,” states Eden Prairie, MN jewelry artist Jennifer Merchant. After study in metalworking, she began to seek more affordable materials for her designs and created her current line of rings, bracelets, earrings and neckpieces crafted from layered acrylic and found images. The work is bold, colorful, and, as the artist notes, “jewelry that gets you noticed!”

Jennifer earned a BFA in metals and jewelry from Savannah College of Art and Design. She launched her own business in 2010, and has since been featured in publications including Minnesota Monthly and Metro Magazine.

Jennifer’s statement on her unique jewelry:

The process behind layered acrylic jewelry is of my own invention. I scour art and fashion magazines for intriguing imagery, rip out pages I like and sandwich them between layers of acrylic sheet. Paper is bonded to acrylic using a clear resin, layering anywhere from 2-15 sheets of acrylic per piece. Imagery is carefully aligned with the jewelry forms to produce dynamic compositions. I use graphic patterns and colors to draw interest from one angle of view, while pieces are completely transparent from another. The jewelry forms are cut from slabs of layered acrylic using a scroll saw, then shaped with a disc sander and polished with rotary hand tool. I sculpt each form into a wearable work of art, transforming acrylic and paper into gorgeous pieces of jewelry. With this work I want to challenge the consumer and question the perceived value of these simple materials.

Here are a few pieces available online:

Bangles, rings, earrings and necklaces available in the gallery.

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