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Barbara Stafford

Barbara Stafford weaves rugs & scarves inspired by natural animal fibers. She has long been fascinated by the connection between animal, thread and textile. She says, “The simple and ancient art of turning fiber to thread and thread into a functional textile is now mostly obscured. By working with the fibers directly from the animal through to the finished textile I aim to make this connection apparent in my rugs.”

Barbara prepares, spins, and weaves the fibers by hand to “allow the character of the animal, its distinctive colors and textures, to become the focus of the design.” These natural qualities are accented with color from natural dyes and careful finishing details.

The finishing details include hand manipulated braiding, twining and knotting techniques borrowed from other cultures. These ingenious methods give a satisfying finish to the rugs as well as providing a continuing interest and respect for past.

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