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Holger Gräf earned his PhD in structural engineering in Germany, while Daniel Lantz “led an adventurous life and grew deep roots in Japan”. Truly a study in opposites, they came together in LA to create their design company, Gräf & Lantz.

They made their first design, a prototype of a wine carrier, on a home sewing machine in their apartment. With distinct approaches and aesthetics from both East and West sensibilities, the two designers set out to sculpt the world’s oldest fabric (wool felt) into modern and unexpected forms. Now they work with a small team of talented craftspeople and keep all production, finishing, packaging and shipping in house to ensure their commitment to handmade quality.

They carefully source their materials: all felt is 100% Merino wool and custom made by a 150 year old German company; and their leather comes from Italy as well as the renowned American Horween tannery.

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