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American Craft Week

2014-09-22T15:03:54+00:00September 22nd, 2014|Exhibitions & Events|

October 3-12:  "Ceramics Makeover"  Celebrate American Craft Week by bringing in any imported, mass-produced piece of ceramics in exchange for a 20% discount on a new handmade piece by an American artist of a similar type (mug for a mug, bowl for a bowl, etc). [...]

Joanna Buyert

2014-09-01T18:32:22+00:00September 1st, 2014|Clay|

Working out of the Schmidt Artist Lofts in St. Paul, Joanna Buyert is the designer of Fringe and Fettle Ceramics, a sweet, functional line of porcelain pieces. Her work focuses on the fusion of usability and delicate, textural touches, like lace-imprints and polka dot stucco. [...]

Louise Fischer-Cozzi

2014-09-01T13:18:09+00:00September 1st, 2014|Artists by Media, Jewelry|

Louise Fischer-Cozzi uses a complex series of steps to create her jewelry. Her process may include etching, image transfer and/ or silk screening to achieve the soft, aged patina she wants. Fellow polymer artist, Gwen Gibson, calls Louise's color palette, "reminiscent of ancient pigments and [...]