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Monkey Flower Group

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The monkey flower group Mimulus is a diverse plant genus with over 150 species, from humble weeds to frilly ornamental hybrids. The Monkey Flower Group is also Jaime Giorgi (a floral designer in Napa, California) and the neighbors who provide the plant materials that make [...]

Emanuel’s Elixirs

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Born in Bordeaux, France, Emanuel Donval discovered his passion for plants at a young age. After graduating from the Technological Institute of the University of Perpignan, he explored landscape design and traveled extensively. Now settled in Napa, CA, he is a certified herbalist and a [...]


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A native of the Black Forest region of Germany, Nicole Woerner Kelly now lives and works in Napa, CA. She has worked as a design professional for over ten years and is currently studying fashion design and pattern making in San Francisco. Nicole has a [...]