Nick Wroblewski Book Signing

//Nick Wroblewski Book Signing

Nick Wroblewski Book Signing

Saturday, April 9, 3-5PM
Woodblock print artist Nick Wroblewski has illustrated a beautiful new book by Mary Casanova entitled Wake Up Island that has just been released. Appropriate for pre-school through 2nd grade ages as a read-to-me or beginning reader book. Pick up a hot-off-the-press copy, and have Nick sign it for your favorite little ones. As always, we will have many of Nick’s original woodblock prints available, framed or unframed.

wake up - cover

Wake up, little one, a soft voice beckons, the world around you is already stirring. As Wake Up, Island gently rouses the sleepy child, it summons a world of nature coming to life on a summer island in the magical North Woods. Sunlit fingers touch the shores, pine trees stretch their limbs, and lichen warms on ancient rock. Doe and fawn rise from their grass bed and pearls of dew bead a spider’s finely woven web. Mallards skim the water’s surface. Ravens perch and gargle greetings, chickadees call dee, dee, dee, and a heron swoops—minnows flee! The moose and her calf wade, munching on plants. The red squirrel chatters. The black bear lazily scratches her back against a tree.

Conjuring the morning life around a cabin fragrant with berry pancakes, this timeless book wakens the child in every reader to the wonders of nature that greet every new day in the charmed world of a northern woodland island.

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