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Rita Vali

Rita grew up in Montreal and Wyoming, studied in Utah and Pennsylvania and is now a studio potter living in Louisville, Colorado. After working in biotechnology for ten years and being a part-time potter, she switched careers from biochemistry to ceramics and devoted attention to her ceramics practice.

The majority of her work is focused on creating functional work that combines modern form with bold graphic surface decoration. Using a somewhat minimalistic aesthetic, strong clean forms are combined with graphic patterns inspired from everywhere – leaves, bark, pebbles, fabrics, landscape. With her background in microbiology and botany the microscopic world is also a fantastic source of inspiration. Some pieces are thrown and altered, allowing for the incorporation of hand built textured slabs. Rita also loves color, and the challenge of using it to complement her black and white surfaces. By striving for a modern aesthetic that gracefully combines form and design, she hopes her pieces enhance the rituals of daily life in an artful way, giving one a moment to pause.

She is a potter and instructor who thrives on connections with other artists and students. Aside from making, and teaching pottery, Rita has been involved in community arts organizations and completed several collaborative ceramic projects in public spaces. Rita holds a BA/BS from University of Wyoming, and a MS from Pennsylvania State University.

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