About Grand Hand


Our Story

In October of 2018, friends and business partners, Cathy Weyerhaeuser and Mary Whitney, leaped. They leapt at a chance to fulfill a dream from 15 years ago. 15 years that saw children grow, illustration and authorship careers bloom, international moves, and the clock ticking…ticking down the dream. They decided to stop watching the ticking clock and jump on in, purchasing and renovating the Grand Hand Gallery, revitalizing the space first opened by Ann Ruhr Pifer in 2004. The Gallery has prided itself on its passion for artwork showing a sense of “authentic self” with the “hand of the artist” forefront and most prized.  This tradition is valued and continues through the Grand Hand Gallery W2.  We remain committed to supporting artists, craftspeople and the preservation of fine American art and craft.

Presenting work in various mediums, including clay, wood, glass, metal, fiber and jewelry. We welcome inquiries.

Onsite consultations, corporate services, and curated gift selection service is also available.

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