Bianka Groves

The mishima process is a technique that was first used in Korea from 935-1392. It involves inlaying slip, glaze or clay into a contrasting body of clay. Bianka Groves employs this technique in her work. She covers each piece in wax and then uses a razor or acupuncture needles to add design. She applies black glaze which stays in the spots where wax has been carved away. After firing, Bianka polishes each piece for a smooth hand. Her minimalistic approach yields careful, clean lined, fully functional forms in high fire porcelain.

Bianka holds a BFA from Corcoran School of Art and Design in Washington, D.C. A bit of a nomad, she has lived in Illinois, South Dakota, California and Colorado. With her 2016 Jerome Ceramics Artist Project Grant, Bianka’s travels took her to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany to consider architecture and post-war ceramics. Bianka currently works out of her Minneapolis studio.

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