Nichibei Potters

As Nichibei Potters, Mikio Matsumoto and Cheryl Costantini collaborate to blend traditional Japanese folk art with a contemporary flair in their handmade pottery forms. The artists are known for the signature jade green pieces they create by high-firing copper glaze onto their porcelain work. Mikio and Cheryl strive to create work that represents the balance of form and function, sense and skill.

Mikio was a commodities broker in his home country of Japan and became a potter after moving to California in 1985. He brings a sense of precision to Nichibei’s carved jars, animals and sculptures. Cheryl studied and worked as a potter in Japan for 6 years, identifying her commitment to Japanese pottery traditions, especially vase and teapot forms. The husband and wife team formed Nichibei  – which translates as Japan and American – in 1985. They maintain a studio in Sebastopol, CA.



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