Susan Crow

Jewelry designer Susan Crow launched her East Fourth Street line with environmental responsibility in mind. She crafts wearable art using up-cycled sterling silver and gold, and reclaimed or lab-created gems. “Previously good design employed function, great aesthetics and innovation, but now we are adding a fourth criteria – sustainability,” Susan explains. “My goal is to bring to the jewelry industry a new kind of quality jewelry that has beauty, is precious and sustainable. This new reality is about designing smart by integrating sustainable thinking into our jewelry design and development processes from the very beginning.”

The Northfield, Minnesota artist holds a BS in design with a specialty in metalsmithing from the University of Minnesota and a post-graduate certificate in sustainable design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her work has been recognized locally with a Merit Award for Excellence from the Goldstein Museum of Design and nationally with a NICHE Award at the Buyers Market of American Craft.


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