Francene Christianson

“I am intrigued by the ‘passing view’ and many of my landscapes are ideas I have from traveling,” states oil painter Francene Christianson. “I like to use bold colors and dramatic shadows to capture nature’s perfect design.” A former Californian, the artist is now living and working in Minnetonka, MN. Although she is known for her paintings based on experiences along California’s Central Coast, she is interested in the nuances of Midwestern landscape and has begun to explore their translation in her work.

Francene graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a BA in Art. After a career in art direction and graphic design, working for creative agencies in Los Angeles and in Manhattan, she was inspired to return to her early interest in fine art. An accomplished black and white photographer experienced in traditional hand-tinting techniques, the artist finds that this work influences her painting. She often captures her chosen scenes in black and white photographs that serve as reference points back in the studio. “That separation allows me to paint what I feel, not just what I have seen,” she explains.



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