Michael Schmidt

Minnesota artist Michael Schmidt is a full-time painter who creates gorgeous, warm paintings of urban scenes around the Twin Cities, as well as lush, contemporary still-life images and – more recently – abstract paintings that seem to glow with soft colors. Michael’s work fits comfortably in both traditional and contemporary settings, and his unexpectedly vibrant images of power lines and city water towers have become favorites of Grand Hand customers. The artist was a student at the Sheridan College of Applied Arts in Ontario and graduated from the University of Toronto. His work has been featured in numerous individual and group shows in the Twin Cities and can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the US, Canada and Great Britain. “My work explores the beauty and variety of everyday life,” he states. “Inspiration for my painting comes from the urban landscape and the often-overlooked, mundane objects that surround us.” Michael was also featured on the series MN Original, watch the video here.

A brief explanation of the new technique…
After many years of painting with a more traditional oil on canvas technique, I have recently transitioned into encaustic painting. I mix oil paint and powdered pigment with melted wax and apply it to the canvas. After the painting is “done” to my liking I melt the painting with heat guns and irons, often destroying and altering the image. The final results are often unpredictable and unexpected- which I like!


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