Parallels-Don Biehn, Bob Carls and Elizabeth Pechacek May 13-June 18, 2017



Join us in welcoming regional artists Don Biehn, Bob Carls and Elizabeth Pechacek. Each artist is dedicated to exploring tried and true techniques, while simultaneously pushing boundries some way in their own mediums.

Don Biehn ‘s work has been recognized by the American Impressionist Society and by Oil Painters of America, both of which he is a signature member. Once a reprieve from his profession in advertising, painting in oils and watercolors have filled Don’s days fulltime. He is devoted to painting Plein Air, braving Minnesota’s subzero temperatures in winter and swarms of mosquitos in the humid summer months.

Whether for a functional form or if function is implied in the form, Bob Carls employs traditional and contemporary methods in his woodworking. He draws on a lifetime studying art forms such as music, photography, sculpture and film. Whether for function or for decoration, Bob’s dedication to achieving a high level of workmanship is evident.

Both in her functional work and sculptural work, Elizabeth Pechacek uses the process of invention, perfection and appraisal. Most recently Liz has focused on non-utilitarian forms and has married clay and metal in her work. Careful and layered, Liz seeks to disrupt patterns of living in a positive way through her own exploration of each piece.

Doh Biehn

Elizabeth Pechacek

Bob Carls

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