Batle Studio

As Agelio Batle says, “It’s not the pencil that draws, it is your hand. Whether drawing lines or inscribing words, the act of making marks lures ideas into the physical world. Hands perceive and reveal things that our eyes and conscious minds may never know. We discover things about ourselves and our thoughts by engaging the hand in a mark-making process.”

Committed to making art from materials that are part of daily experience, the artist originated this work by casting his own hand (Drawing Hand No.1) in pencil lead, graphite, each day for the calendar year 1999. Wishing to share the insights gleaned from that sculptural process with a wider public, he began casting all kinds of subjects – leaves, vegetables, shells, etc. The entire line now includes over 50 individual shapes from curios to abstract objects to natural forms.

Functional art objects, modern in design and intricately detailed. Formed in graphite, each one is handmade using innovative techniques and traditional studio skills. Writes like a pencil. Won’t rub off on your hands. Exquisite packaging with a letterpress label. Perfect for gift giving.


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