Mary Fisher

verb ex·trude \ik-ˈstrüd\
Popularity: Bottom 40% of words
Simple Definition of extrude
· : to force, press, or push (something) out
· : to shape (something) by forcing it through a hole
Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Mary likens building with extruded pieces of clay to playing with Legos. And the more pieces she has to work with, the more she can coax the pieces into the form they are meant to be. Mary often starts with a paper pattern and traces the shapes on to extruded and/or slabs of clay. Some or the constructed works get a layer of slip before the bisque firing. After the first firing, a layer of copper is applied along with another layer of the slip. Mary uses pencil and black mason stain underglaze. She uses color sparingly and uses different techniques to apply photos to the surface of some of her pieces.
Clay found Mary in her forties when she and a friend signed up for their very first class. BC (before clay), Mary was in the Air Force and had tours in Tennessee, Thailand and Okinawa. She settled down in her home state of Texas after leaving the Air Force. She eventually bought a few acres in Austin and built a home and a small studio.

Broken Windows

Broken Windows

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