New Year, New Work, New Artists

Andrea Martin, Prefab Housing

New Year, New Work, New Artists …

We launch our 2012 exhibition schedule Saturday, February 4 with Peter Kramer – Postcards to Save the Post Office and Kathy Wismar – paintings and ceramics. The show runs through Sunday, March 4.

In the meantime, we’ve been in touch with many of our regular artists and are expecting new work from gallery favorites throughout the season. Look for new furniture designs from Dan Dunbar, fresh pottery from Sandra Shaughnessy and Mike Tonder‘s glass bowls very soon!

The Grand Hand conducts regular reviews of work submitted by prospective gallery artists from across the country. As we begin the new year, we welcome two artists whose distinctive media caught our eye in the course of the last review:

Trained as a biologist, Andrea Martin explores themes of adaptation, evolution and the interaction between humans, animals and the environment in her cut paper art. Cutting away paper to release an image in a process similar to her work with dissection, the artist crafts each image entirely from one piece of black paper. Colored Japanese papers are sometimes added to highlight design elements before the work is mounted on archival museum board.

In 2011, the St. Paul artist, who is a member of the Guild of American Papercutters, earned both a Merit Award and a Friends of the Fair Award for her work at the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition.

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto, Spring #12

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto applies painting, drawing, collage and embroidery techniques to handmade paper, creating meditations on what she describes as her “observations of the passing of days, the drama of the unseen, the meaning of stillness, and the witness of the objects around us.” She achieves amazing detail and texture in her works.

The artist earned a BFA at Florida’s Ringling College of art and Design, and stayed on at the school for 25 years as a library cataloger and curator. Currently living and working on the banks of the Missouri River, she finds inspiration in the history and the spirit of the land near her home in Burbank, SD.

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto, Scroll for Letter B