Wedding Season 2012

Invitations have been sent, RSVPs have been received, and gift registries perused…and let’s face it, giving the same old towel set from a department store is just plain boring. It’s less than a week before the big day and you are still trying to find that perfect gift or special piece of jewelry to make the day even more memorable. What you need is a piece of handmade American craft! 

Gift Registry S.O.S.

I’ve noticed that most all my friends who have gotten married in the last few years have registered at one of three places: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Pottery Barn. Sound familiar? If you’re like me, you want your gift to be something memorable, something beautiful, and something the couple will have for decades. Here are my go to gifts for weddings gifts for the summer.

1. Edward Wohl Birdseye Maple cutting board with Patrick Meyer cheese knife. These bread boards are a Grand Hand staple, and it’s easy to see why. Their beautiful wood grain and smooth finish make these great presentation pieces as well as functional cookware. 

2. Ernest Miller Ceramic serving bowl with Paul Schroeder wooden spoon. Ernest’s bowls are sturdy, not too heavy, and come in a wonderful variety of glazes. They pair perfectly with Paul’s spoons, which can be used for anything from a salt pot to a bowl of gumbo!  

3. Alan Honn handblown glass wine goblets or pilsner glasses. I have a set of these wine glasses at home, each one has its own style. I like that they don’t match perfectly…that way you always know which one is yours!

4. Tom Jaszczak Whiskey set with funnel and two cups.







Wedding Jewelry Done Right

Our gallery artists pride themselves on creating one of a kind pieces, and our jewelry artists are no exception. We have an ever expanding collections of stunning engagement rings, wedding or commitment bands, and anniversary gifts. If you and your special someone are looking for something unique, hand crafted, and beautiful…here is a sampling of what the Grand Hand has to offer the lovebirds out there! Inventory will vary between St. Paul and Napa, so if you are interested in a specific piece, contact our wedding jewelry specialist Joanna at our St Paul location. 




















Wedding Day Sparkles!

So after you’ve gotten the ring situation figured out it’s time to find something to wear with that gorgeous dress. Whether you want diamonds, pearls, quartz or Moissanite, we have dozens of options from our local artists for you and your bridesmaids.  










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