Parallels-Don Biehn, Bob Carls and Elizabeth Pechacek May 13-June 18, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION SATURDAY, MAY 13th from 5-7pm SHOW AVAILABLE MAY 13th-June 18th Join us in welcoming regional artists Don Biehn, Bob Carls and Elizabeth Pechacek. Each artist is dedicated to exploring tried and true techniques, while simultaneously pushing boundries some way in their own mediums. Don Biehn ‘s work has … Continued

Olivia de Soria

Olivia de Soria’s interest in repurposing found objects into wearable art began at age 11. She would take apart soda cans and hammer away at them until she had a pendant she could wear. She has continued on in that vein, expertly crafting jewelry to compliment the feminine form with … Continued

Elizabeth Pechacek

Liz grew up in her mom’s studio, playing with extra supplies while her mom painted. She dabbled in nearly every medium and didn’t find clay until college. On the verge of dropping out, she took a ceramics class. Liz holds a BFA in ceramics and a BA in Art History. … Continued

Mary Fisher

extrude play verb ex·trude \ik-ˈstrüd\ Popularity: Bottom 40% of words Simple Definition of extrude · : to force, press, or push (something) out · : to shape (something) by forcing it through a hole Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary Mary likens building with extruded pieces of clay to playing with Legos. … Continued

Monkey Flower Group

The monkey flower group Mimulus is a diverse plant genus with over 150 species, from humble weeds to frilly ornamental hybrids. The Monkey Flower Group is also Jaime Giorgi (a floral designer in Napa, California) and the neighbors who provide the plant materials that make her arrangements unique, beautiful, and … Continued

Emanuel’s Elixirs

Born in Bordeaux, France, Emanuel Donval discovered his passion for plants at a young age. After graduating from the Technological Institute of the University of Perpignan, he explored landscape design and traveled extensively. Now settled in Napa, CA, he is a certified herbalist and a member of the American Herbalist … Continued

Coming Home

From Don Biehn’s oil paintings that capture the natural landscapes and the people of the Twin Cities area, to elegant contemporary forms in clay, to furniture crafted from locally-sourced wood by Midwestern artisans, this show captures the down-to-earth yet sophisticated style of our region. We hope that when you walk … Continued

Exquisite Aubergine

We have a stunning new visitor in the front window in Napa: “Exquisite Aubergine” by Jan Kirsh. Made of fiberglass, this three foot tall beauty will be auctioned off on September 21 at the Napa Land Trust’s annual benefit, “Jeans & Jewels”. If you’re in the neighborhood, come by and … Continued

The Art of the Local: Event Photos

Thank you Napa River Inn for a lovely artists reception! It was great to get a peak in the amazing & gorgeously renovated luxury suites, now fresh with local art by Beverly Wilson, Karen Lynn Ingalls, Emily Freiman and Gail Toland! Big thank you to Napa River Inn staff, Sara … Continued