Monkey Flower Group

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The monkey flower group Mimulus is a diverse plant genus with over 150 species, from humble weeds to frilly ornamental hybrids. The Monkey Flower Group is also Jaime Giorgi (a floral designer in Napa, California) and the neighbors who provide the plant materials that make [...]

Emanuel’s Elixirs

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Born in Bordeaux, France, Emanuel Donval discovered his passion for plants at a young age. After graduating from the Technological Institute of the University of Perpignan, he explored landscape design and traveled extensively. Now settled in Napa, CA, he is a certified herbalist and a [...]

Exquisite Aubergine

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We have a stunning new visitor in the front window in Napa: "Exquisite Aubergine" by Jan Kirsh. Made of fiberglass, this three foot tall beauty will be auctioned off on September 21 at the Napa Land Trust's annual benefit, "Jeans & Jewels". If you're in [...]

Grand Hand Holidays

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The holidays are upon us once again, and our Grand Hand staff are as busy as elves, unpacking the boxes of beautiful, handmade ornaments and gifts that make up our annual "Handcrafted Holidays" show, opening this Saturday, November 17.  We thought it was an appropriate [...]

Hand Crafted Halloween

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From Top Left: Marge Margulies mug in Butterscotch, Glass Pumpkin Coin by Hot Glass Works, Ceramic Pods and Pumpkins by Mary Obodzinski, Stephen Vincent/Collection 522 bracelet with Fire Opals, Nolan Prohaska Glass Pumpkins, Karin Jacobson Lunar Ring, Motawi Tile Raven, Batle Graphite Raven, Chuck Solberg [...]

October = Opal & Tourmaline

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Lets get in the spirit of the Autumn season with some beautiful jewelry pieces that are warm and vibrant! Looking at the 2012 fall fashion trends, these are the HOT colors for this COOL season according to Pantone©.   Honey Gold: Jewelry artist Stephen Vincent just [...]

Saint Paul 2013 Almanac

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We have just received the new 2013 Saint Paul Almanac and it looks fantastic! Just a quick look through this year's edition reveals new layouts, amazing full color artist drawn maps of events, festivals, and highlights of our capital city.