“Minnesota Roots”

June 6 – July 5, Opening Reception Sat, June 6, 5-7PM
Virginia Randolph Bueide – painting
Wayne Potratz – metal
Jason Trebs – clay

These three Minnesota artists all trace their artistic roots to formal training in art at Minnesota colleges and universities, and their work is largely inspired by the woods, waters, plants, and animals of their home state. Wayne Potratz has recently retired as a professor at the University of Minnesota Department of Art, and head of the Metals program. His work is heavily influnced by both his time spent in the Boundary Waters area of Northern Minnesota, and by his research on global techniques and traditions of metal working. Virginia (“Ginny”) Bueide recently received a grant from the Pollack-Krasner Foundation, and has used the opportunity to complete a series of paintings around the theme of waterlilies. Jason Trebs began his studies at the University of Minnesota at Morris, and his contemporary ceramics are influenced by frequent trips to Northern Minnesota. All three artists are longtime gallery artists of The Grand Hand Gallery.

boat & lilies

trebs pots on deck

In the Chute sm

Wayne Potratz, at left, and Ginny Bueide, at rear, were recognized as winners in the 1967 MIA Biennial.


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