“The Stations of the Cross” – Peter Kramer, 3/11 – 3/26

March 11 – 26

St. Paul artist, architect, and former altar-boy Peter Kramer brings his unique blend of artistic talent, incisive wit, and penchant for social commentary to his new show “Stations of the Cross”. Peter juxtaposes his contemporary renderings of the 14 traditional images that commemorate Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth as a man with newspaper headlines from the 1960’s to the present, leaving it to the viewer to consider and interpret connections and parallels between biblical history and contemporary events.

In the Catholic church, the 14 devotions, or stations, are commonly used as a mini pilgrimage as the individual moves from station to station. At each station, the individual recalls and meditates on a specific event from Christ’s last day. Specific prayers are recited, then the individual moves to the next station until all 14 are complete. The stations are most commonly prayed during Lent on Wednesdays and Fridays, and especially on Good Friday, the day of the year upon which the events actually occurred.

To learn more about Peter Kramer and his work, click HERE.

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