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Project Description

Micah Schwaberow is a Santa Rosa, CA artist who is noted for his exquisitely rendered moku-hanga, or woodblock prints. He has developed a distinctive style of small, soft landscapes and object studies, striving to produce, he states, “woodblock prints that don’t look like woodblock prints, the wood and the knife invisible, the colors and edges as soft and resonant as a watercolor.”

“I think of my work as color haiku,” explains Micah, “large places carefully compressed, intimate glimpses through small windows.” He hopes that his reverence for the subject matter comes through to the viewer and “acts as a kind of medicine, or like a little piece of healing. I am interested in honoring a small event in the hope that it will help people see that they are surrounded by these small magical events in their lives that maybe they forgot to notice.”

Micah works with an antique Vandercook proof press, brushing watercolor onto the cherry and shina (Japanese plywood) blocks he prefers and printing on 90 lb Arches watercolor paper, hotpress.

The artist attended Santa Rosa Junior College and studied printmaking with Elizabeth Quandt-Barr. In 1981, he spent a year learning Japanese woodblock traditions as an apprentice to Toshi Yoshida in Tokyo. Micah’s prints have been shown in exhibitions including solo shows at the California Museum of Art in Santa Rosa and Azuma Gallery in Seattle and the Independents Exhibition of Prints in Kanagawa, Japan. His work is represented in the collections of the Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts in San Francisco, the Cleveland Museum of Art.