W2 Blog – Episode 1

//W2 Blog – Episode 1

W2 Blog – Episode 1

After years of friendship, we are not just on to a new chapter, this is a whole new book. My feelings on follow-up acts are mixed; the second novel, even if very good, does not always rate as high as the first discovery that wins a literary award. Same for movies; will the upcoming fourth re-make of  “A Star is Born” destroy a few legends or create another? It seems nothing is as good as the original (remember “new” Coke?) and we have big shoes to fill.

We step into a gallery beloved by many for over 14 years, an original owner whose deep passion for craft seems bottomless, and a couple of friends who have never been in business together. It all seems a bit tricky? In the pause of that concern comes the call of change, the beckoning of new experiences.  To follow this yellow brick road with a friend is exciting and re-assuring.  On good days it’s a bond of loyalty like the tinman and scarecrow shared.  On bad days, the freaking flying monkeys are dive-bombing us. Give me a few months and we will re-visit assigning character roles to staff based on the “Wizard of Oz”. 

My only goal after closing, cleaning, remodeling, re-inventing and re-opening is not being cast as the wicked witch.  

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