W2 blog – Episode 2

//W2 blog – Episode 2

W2 blog – Episode 2

We have spent October deep into the re-modeling project. Opening up a wall made for better movement through the space. Fresh white paint has subtly brightened everything and painting the free standing wall a dark charcoal has given us an alternative visual option for hanging work.  Thank you “guy with hammer” aka chris and “tall guy with paintbrush” aka Travis.  Thank you “cabinet guy” aka Mark, who changed up the cabinet doors with simple flat front panels and matching shelf towers. Moving the main counter to the back wall has opened up the center of the gallery for prime viewing. My personal favorite change involved taking down the the dark blinds in the inner office and frosting the window panes, letting in natural light while still hiding the mess of a busy office. The same frosting surrounds the entryway creating a “gate-way” into the gallery- visually and metaphorically- stepping in you look inward and your feet follow your gaze forward.

A blend of artists and craftsmen, old and new, fill those walls, shelves and cabinets.  We can’t call the hanging and placing work, as it’s been too much fun and involved too many high-fives. 

The work starts soon.  Note to self: learn how to use the computer cash register.

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