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Tressa Sularz

Drawing on traditional American basket-making techniques, Tressa Sularz builds baskets with clean lines and simple forms, weaving with natural and hand-dyed rattan, tying elements into place with waxed linen thread. The fiber artist, who maintains a studio in the Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul, states the following about her current work:

My new work embodies a transition in my life.

Previous pieces reflected a long, isolating and quiet journey as a widow. My process for creating also changed. Work of peaceful muted tones were woven flat, and manipulated into three-dimensional forms. This quiet work was constructed into forms, while recent work is woven into refined shapes.

Color has returned to my work. It reflects a happier time. Vessels display serpentine twill paths that spiral from beginning to end. Each piece is woven using shaping techniques to create sensitive, elegant forms.

This work is ever changing organically in an environment conducive to my creativeness. I enjoy the complexity of twill weaves, while being challenged by graceful shapes.

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