Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin, Prefab Housing

Trained as a biologist, Andrea Martin explores themes of adaptation, evolution and the interaction between humans, animals and the environment in her cut paper art. Cutting away paper to release an image, in a process similar to her work with dissection, the artist crafts each image entirely from a single piece of paper. “The images are cut from one piece of black paper using only and x-acto knife,” she states, “and must be simplified and arranged so that each element fits together like a puzzle, with each piece retaining a connection to the whole.” Colored Japanese papers are sometimes added to highlight design elements before the work is mounted on archival museum board.

Andrea holds a BA in biology from Indiana University. In recent years, she has participated in exhibitions in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In 2011, the St. Paul artist, who is a member of the Guild of American Papercutters, earned both a Merit Award and a Friends of the Fair Award for her work at the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition.

Andrea Martin, The Harvest


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