Tom Ashworth

Tom worked as a graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist for 30 years.  From this experience, he brings design expertise and a knack for fanciful characterization to his current sculptural work.

In 2001, Tom began creating 3-dimensional mixed-media figures that spring from repurposed wood with features formed from scraps of outmoded gadgetry and cast off objects. His pieces offer plenty of intrigue as viewers admire the technical points of construction and attempt to identify the source of each part. Tom has mastered found-object art with works that are not so much a commentary on junk culture but rather are freshly formed personalities, new life from well-worn components. The artist prefers not to use plastic and includes an inset buffalo nickel in most of his sculptures. Although some figures recur – “pool ball heads” and tall trumpet folk – each is absolutely unique. In multiple, Tom’s characters populate his riotous exhibition booth, winning awards at several regional art fairs.

A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Tom is a St. Paul native who makes his home in Roseville, MN.


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