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Project Description

Native Minnesotan Anna Marie Pavlik earned degrees in both studio art and mechanical engineering during the 1970’s before making her way to Austin, TX and Frankfort, KY, where she established a studio in 2010. The artist creates intricate, thought-provoking prints using a variety of methods, incorporating intaglio, Chine collé and stereography techniques. Influenced by diverse artistic experiences including childhood Ukrainian egg painting and a high school internship with Minnesota potter Peter Leach, Anna Marie seeks to illustrate her growing concern with the survival of nature and her need to understand the relationship between people and the landscape.

“My images are concerned with extracting tangible thoughts from views of natural sites,” she states. “By creating these works I hope to direct the viewer’s attention to the value, beauty, and mysteries of our environment.”

Anna Marie is a frequent guest artist at galleries, schools and events across the country, often in connection with wildlife refuges and nature centers. Her work is represented in the collections at 3M, the City of Phoenix, and the Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, TX.