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Project Description

In my early twenties while taking extended camping trips by myself in the Monterey, Carmel Valley, CA area I would cut saplings and make tables and chairs with the rope and wood method. In 1977 my formal training began in Arcata, CA building tables and chairs from redwood burls and driftwood. I learned the gathering, assembly, sanding, finishing, loading and shipping over a period of 8 years. In May of 1985 we (meaning Jackie and myself) moved back to Minnesota. Thanks to the in-laws we ended up on Eighth Crow Wing lake outside of Nevis and Akeley, MN. Hence the business name Crow Wing Country Furniture. We ventured into the woods and used what was available, bending willow for chairs, baskets and using rough sawn lumber for table tops. We have evolved from our 1985 style to a more refined look. This is a quote from blogger Ima. B. Musing of my work that she viewed at the 2102 Stone Arch Fine Art and Fine Craft Show. “Bill Brown handcrafts furnishings into funky country furniture utilizing raw branches and polished surfaces.”