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Project Description

“All of my designs are handmade by fire and hammer. I love the relationship between the maker and the materials, where human hands manipulate and shape metal to become something very soft, delicate, yet substantial,” states metalsmith and jewelry artist Britta Lynn Kauppila. “Since the dawn of day man has adorned himself with jewelry. I draw from this historical element to create pieces that tell their own story or piece of history. I love to work in ancient techniques including granulation and keum boo and accent them with antique gems like rose cut diamonds and sapphires. There is a close relationship between the piece of jewelry and the handmade process. In my metal work I am very interested in texture. Nature provides a wonderful example of how different value, form, line, and texture combine to produce movement, rhythm, and harmony. Asymmetrical figures produce symmetrical forms as symmetrical patterns also breed asymmetrical themes. I am drawn to the contradiction of the hard, immovable, structural metal mimicking the most delicate and soft pieces of nature.”

The artist holds a BA in art with a concentration in jewelry and metals from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. After several years developing her line in Minneapolis, Britta established a studio in Duluth in early 2011.

Britta was recently featured in the series MN Original, watch the video here.