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Project Description

David Jensen was born in Eau Claire, WI.  He currently lives and works in Minneapolis, MN.

Jensen is an artist who works in an array of media including painting, installation, video, and architecture.

Creating surfaces that contain history and look aged, while achieving stillness and beauty are top priorities in every composition.  The paintings are a documentation of the studio itself – thin washes and sanded layers transfer the texture of walls and floor directly to the canvas.   Usually, his paintings are made on the floor next to each other so color and materials cross pollinate from one piece to the next.  Acrylic washes, spray paint, raw pigment, moss, and dirt are layered and sanded to build compositions where material history becomes part of the subject itself.

Jensen has exhibited at X,Y & Z Gallery, Future Presence, and First Amendment Gallery in Minneapolis.  His work is currently featured in the New York Design Center in Manhattan.  In 2011 his collaborative work with artist Isaac Gale was an official Music Video Selection for the SXSW Film Festival.  His work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, GQ.COM, Pitchfork,and Nylon Magazine.

Jensen is currently working on a new series of paintings in his NE Minneapolis studio, and is a seeking a Bachelor of Architecture degree.