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Project Description

Art is an outlet for me because it is a safe place to store honest feelings. Because of this my illustrative characters often carry grief. In other paintings, blessings and joy bleed out of the frame. I use soft pastel colors to mask the suspicious character’s twisted thoughts while harsh scratchy line quality outlines innocent animal friends.

Onlookers will take note of race, age, and sex while viewing paintings of humans. Even how the subject dresses relays their financial status and even more. With animals, all of that disappears. I like creating animals with human attributes because I can capture a clearer sense of human emotion without the viewer’s vision being clouded with stereotypes or unconscious prejudices. More recently, I have been trying to unfold stories though illustrating vintage relics. These images are as edgy as my critter’s teeth. However, flowers and nature soften the blow on these razor blade drawn paintings.