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Project Description

While Jan’s studio practice is founded on ceramic traditions from England and Japan, the artist is also interested in forms created within Minoan, Native American and African cultures. She is known for her distinctive baskets, boxes, and folded vases as well as plates and bowls that are perfectly scaled for the table. The majority of her works are wood fired in a kiln built after the Japanese style.

Jan has maintained a studio in River Falls, WI since 1972. She earned a BFA from the University of Wisconsin River Falls in 2004. Her work has been featured in the publications Clay Times and Ceramics Monthly and is included in the collections of the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA.

“Working within a traditional framework, it is important to me that my work moves beyond that framework to carry information personal to myself to the viewer/user,” states Jan. “Each piece is considered as an individual. I approach my work intuitively, finding that while I have certain idea or parameters about form and finished product, it is essential to the vitality of the piece to remain open and maintain a dialogue during the creating process. Through this process I hope to reveal the unique, friendly and responsive and robust qualities of clay as a material.”