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Project Description

My deep passion for exploring and capturing nature with paint came at an early age.  I grew up just North of Stillwater Minnesota on my family farmland where my daily wanderings kept me endlessly curious about this land that I felt very much a part of.  I have vivid memories of watching the pink tops of the seedpods in August, and thinking how incredible it was that the grasses seemed to dance across the prairie.  It was clear to me then that they do not exist on their own, and that the rhythm and harmony of nature was incredible!  They had a wave and a rhythm unique to themselves, but were very much a part of a greater thing that I later in life learned was belonging and harmony. I loved that!  The grasses dancing belonged, just as I, and could not exist without each other element connected to another that made their existence possible.  I would escape for hours completely engrossed with my sketchbook or paints observing the land.