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Project Description

Karin Jacobson is a Minneapolis-based jewelry designer who was first introduced to her craft in high school, when she studied with another Grand Hand Gallery artist, Heinz Brummel. In 1991 she began an apprenticeship that became a full-time job throughout college – she earned a BA in History from the University of Minnesota in 1997. After college, she set off on her own, using the formal goldsmithing techniques she had learned in combination with her own non-traditional design style to create her own line of jewelry. “Play is a central theme in my work,” Karin explains. “My inspiration comes from science fiction, comic books, mechanical toys and Japanese animation, so the look is futuristic and fun. I like pieces that make a bold statement so I use big shapes, clean lines and bright colors. My ultimate goal is to create pieces that are sculptural on their own and functional as jewelry. While fine jewelry has always been about beauty, craftsmanship and great design, I also want my work to be available to a broad audience. I use materials such as sterling and lab-grown or less expensive gems so that I can focus on form, and make innovative design affordable.” Known for her fresh, finely crafted work in silver, Karin has recently been creating new designs in gold, stating, “There’s nothing beautiful about human rights abuses, open pit mines, massive pollution and the leeching of arsenic, cyanide, and mercury into local lands and waterways, so my new collection is made with 100% recycled metal and certified fair trade gems.” Her line of commitment rings features palladium – a durable, white metal in the platinum family – and moissanite – a highly refractive lab grown gemstone that is very similar to diamond.