Kellie Rae Theiss2021-03-02T18:05:48-06:00

Project Description

“Pondering the existence of all creation has given me thirst for information regarding the life of the subject I paint. From gestation, diet, reproduction, dedication, play, or war in nature, these stories are fascinating. I am deeply moved by the truth I find in their kingdom.

When I choose a subject, research ensues. In formal training for painting a portrait, the first assignment is to learn everything you can about that person. The same is true for all living things. The more I learn about my subject the stronger the painting becomes.

I live in Minnesota as a working artist. My paintings express a reverence for nature. They are rendered with layers of careful detail to relate to the viewer, with my own dash of surrealism, how beautiful, fragile, and brief our lives are. All of us are included in this parallel.

We are responsible to observe, appreciate, and protect nature. My paintings summon reflection and create a stronger connection to our world. When the opportunity arises to make the right choices for our environment, I hope that each of us will be moved to take the high road. What is wild in this world is where true beauty is found.”