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Project Description

Kristin Wornson offers a unique approach to jewelry, integrating collected natural elements & botanicals, meticulously placed in glass.  Her focus is on illuminating the captivating beauty of the natural world & inspiring people to look closer at it. 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, using plants & natural elements Kristin has collected & pressed.  Her archive of specimens ranges from various types of ocean algae to the tiniest single dandelion seed.  She uses hand-rolled colored glass, silver solder & sterling silver – drawing from both traditional stained-glass methods she learned from her grandfather, along with an ever-expanding arsenal of traditional & contemporary metalsmithing techniques.  With a background in biology that includes fieldwork & education in places as far off as the Amazon & Antarctica, she brings her love of science & the natural world to her work & process.  She hopes that her jewelry can serve as a unique representation of the beauty inherent in wild places, & an homage to charismatic microflora that inhabit them.