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Project Description

Marjorie creates pottery for everyday use and embraces simplicity in each piece. Her work is inspired and influenced by the pottery and artifacts from primitive cultures, particularly those of Africa and prehistoric Japan. She finds it is by incorporating the textural elements and qualities from these traditions into her pottery that allows aspects of these cultures to be part of the world today. The nuances in the patterns and textures found in objects from these countries are essential to Marjorie’s work. She is also influenced by the Japanese folk tradition of Mingei, which honors the simple beauty in everyday objects made for daily use.


Marjorie Wade is a studio potter from Afton, MN working with stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware clays. She earned degrees in psychology and sociology from St. Cloud (MN) State University in 1978. She began her formal studies of ceramics in 1998 and hastaken numerous clay classes, programs and workshops includingpost-baccalaureate studies in ceramics at the University of Wisconsin—River Falls.