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Project Description

Twin Cities architect Peter Kramer is always sketching – at work, in church, at the orchestra – often using programs and other printed materials he finds at the scene. He expands on these little drawings with the help of a large scale copier, enlarging and embellishing the drawings with collage elements to make one-of-a-kind prints on unusual papers. The resulting unconventional monoprints offer a glimpse inside the mind of this amazing creative.

Through his side-project, Neo-Functionalist Press, Peter compiles and distributes his illustration work in book form and is especially fond of the coloring book format “because it’s good for you!” “Color yourself to mental health,” is his motto. Peter offers several titles, including Thirty Six Views of the Saint Paul Cathedral, rooted in the artist’s childhood visits to the landmark. For those who have not “colored” in a while, his Vegetable Windows provides a refresher.

Peter is a principal in the architectural firm of Roark Kramer Kosowski DESIGN.  The St. Paul resident was born at Anchor Hospital, grew up in White Bear Lake and every fall his Irish mom took him to the Golden Rule in St. Paul to have his feet x-rayed for school shoes. Later Peter lived up river. He returned home to rekindle his love affair with this wonderful city and this grand river valley … and with the lovely Miss Bonnie, his wife.