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Project Description

Minneapolis printmaker and instructor Richard Stephens explores regional landmarks in his work. The artist addresses both natural wonders, as in his Up North series depicting waterfalls in Northern Minnesota, and man-made intrusions upon the landscape, as evidenced by an edition of images depicting utility poles. Richard often collects his images by making plein-aire drawings on site. He combines linocut, letterpress and hand-tinting techniques to produce his prints, which tend to retain an immediate, sketch-like quality.

Richard publishes artist books under his Super Session Press imprint – often in collaboration with other artists and writers – and produces an annual limited-edition calendar that also serves as a document of the artist’s most recent subject matter. His work is collected by the Minnesota Historical Society and, in recent years, has been included in the Fine Art Exhibition at the Minnesota State Fair.

The artist, who holds a BA from the University of Minnesota, teaches printmaking at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis.