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Project Description

Award winning artist William Hays worked in watercolor and oils from the time he was 15 years old. His mastery of oil paintings gradually gave way to printmaking after beginning explorations in linocut printing in 2007. By 2012 he had devoted his efforts solely into linocut and woodcut prints. His relief prints are the epitome of the printmaker’s art.

William embarked on his career as a fine artist with his first solo exhibition in Anchorage, Alaska in 1980. His watercolors were a hit and he has been showing his artwork continuously since then. In 1990, he opened The Artist’s Loft Fine Art Gallery in Brattleboro, Vermont, adjoining his studio. There he worked until April of 2015 when he closed the gallery and moved his studio into his home.

Although his second degree is in fine art (BFA, Sculpture), his printmaking skills are entirely self taught. His late wife, Patricia suggested that he explore some area of art that would allow his customers something more affordable than an oil painting. In 2007 she purchased simple materials for linocut printing for his birthday and William began printing, rubbing each impression by hand.

By 2012 Hays found that he had gradually become a printmaker rather than a painter. He began showing his prints in galleries and switched his career to printing exclusively. Since then his work has been singled out for a variety of juried exhibitions and awards throughout the United States.