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Project Description

Quartz, onyx and sterling silver are combined in distinctive statement jewelry by Twin Cities artist Yen Chee, who brings her background as an interior designer to bear on her creations. Yen is influenced by travel, architecture and fashion, but often finds her designs come from a “deeper place within.” Her work with clear quartz crystals is particularly notable. The smooth crystals – believed to hold healing properties – used in the artist’s signature bracelets indeed feel wonderful on the wrist.

The artist holds a degree in psychology from Boston University and a degree in interior design from the University of Minnesota. She worked with architectural firms for almost a decade, and during that time was drawn to jewelry making in order to create personal pieces for her own use. Now a full-time artist – and new mom – Yen has developed a following for her bold, polished, contemporary designs. “I’m grateful for how the stars aligned,” she states, “because I absolutely love what I do. I have found my passion and bliss, and to me that is absolutely priceless.”