W2 Blog – Episode 3

//W2 Blog – Episode 3

W2 Blog – Episode 3

In the midst of the chaos of a new business starting during the holiday season, I find myself pausing and reflecting.

I think about the satisfaction of a pot thrown straight and true. I think about the color-Lake Vermillion Blue- that gently laps upon a canvas above the gallery front door. I think about organic soap made in a hay-bale cabin up north that does not defile the water that rinses its lather away. I think of two small boys who came into the gallery with their Dad, one of our artists, as he dropped off new work and proudly told me that “our Dad makes pictures”. Proudly. Proud of their Dad. An artist. I think of the artists and craftsmen we represent and I am proud of them too.

I am proud of the risk taken of starting a new business. I am proud that we care about the folks we work with who are creative, passionate, spreaders of joy and beauty. They work hard to support themselves, their families and their craft. I hope we can serve them well in 2019. I hope our community sees the effort and dives head-first into our vision…a gallery space where you can touch clay and feel the difference between a soda firing and a glossy glaze. A place where you place a piece of jewelry on your finger to declare your love or on your neck to see how it will fall in the hollow between chin and breast. Where you can imagine the bite of pickled beans on your tongue and the scent of honey tapers burning, counting down your minutes with friends and family at a table bearing satiny wood, glasses flecked with blue and plates bearing visible nourishment of eye and soul. 

Come! Join our challenge! Support the people living among you. Enjoy the art that exists under your nose, visit us, wander and smile…perhaps take a visit to Lake Vermillion above the door, or beyond…your eye is the limit.

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